Active Tourism

Protected Landscape of Serpis River

And know we want to enjoy it and not abandon that and give back. He gives us life and respect if we know we will in all its glory year after year.

Recreational Area "El Terrer"

“El Terrer” is a rest area on the banks of the river, where you can stroll through the forest of “llidoners” largest in the Valencian Community. It is situated in the gardens of the old paper mill “Bamboo” and offers a recreational area with drinking water, barbecue, toilets, playgrounds and tables to spend a restful day outdoors.

Aboard the river, you can enjoy the freshness of the typical forest vegetation (poplars, elms, oleander, reed …), the sounds of water and its iconic wildlife, including species of birds found as green neck (Anas platyrhychos), herons (Ardea cinerea), the white egrets (Egretta garzetta), the moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) and amphibian species like the green frog (Rana perezi) and reptiles and the Iberian water turtle (Mauremys leprous).

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