La alquería de Aznar



Ingredients for 4 people: 4 handfuls of chickpeas half chicken A piece of chorizo Other bacon A few branches of celery A slice of pumpkin potatoes Baking water Saltpreparation First step: We soak the chickpeas This will be the first step we will take the day before...

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Blend of wild herbs for the herbero A mixture of herbs will be placed in a cloth bag (depending on whether they are added to each other and so will taste). For example an interesting mix: Real thyme Pebrella Pennyroyal Sage Cat's tail chamomile mint fennel Horse tail...

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Paper factory Alquería de Aznar

The economic history of l'Alqueria d'Asnar has been linked, for the last 100 years, to the smoking paper mill. The development of the population will be a unit of the company "Papereres Reunides" ends at its tancament l'any 1982. The paper industry continues in the...

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Pharmacies on call

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